Programme of events to celebrate the first six months at Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza  Thursday 10 November – Sunday 13 November


Thursday 10 November, 18.30: The struggles for social integration and equality for refugees and migrants

A discussion on the social rights of economic and political refugees, with emphasis on health care, education, housing and access to political asylum, particularly for female victims of violence. Members of collectives, unions, and associations, as well as legal professionals with experience in the above mentioned areas will be invited to participate in the discussion.

– Nea Philadelphia- Nea Chalkidona Social Clinic/ Pharmacy
– Metropolitan Community Clinic at Elliniko
– City Plaza working groups
– «Piso Thrania» (school for migrants)
– (feminist issues/rights website)
– Doctors from public hospitals and schools and legal professionals

Friday 11 November, 18.30: Social self-organization initiatives: experiences and challenges

A dialogue between refugee housing squats, solidarity centers, and self-organized structures more broadly, about the years of social movement experience, aiming to create a shared account of experiences, to deepen our thinking, and to investigate more effective ways to coordinate with each other.

– Perama Open Assembly
– Notara 26 Refugee Housing Squat
– Metropolitan Community Clinic at Elliniko
– Refugees and solidarians from City Plaza
– Refugee Solidarity Initiative, Kalimeri 56, Preveza

Saturday 12 November, 11.00: Internal and external European borders: internationalist solidarity and struggles for freedom of movement

With the participation of comrades from European countries, we exchange experiences on the situation as it is currently unfolding, with multiple fences, the rise of repression and of the far right, the militarization of borders, and the peak of suspension of rights, with a view to identifying strategies and ways to overcome Fortress Europe and to escalate the struggle for internationalist solidarity.

– Alarm Phone (Europe)
– ESC (Rome)
– EuroNomade (Italy)
– IL (Germany)
– Solidarnost (Macedonia)
– Welcome to Europe
– Refugees and Solidarians City Plaza

Saturday 12 November, 17.00: Detention centers: state of exception and continual apartheid on the islands of the Aegean

Refugees and solidarians from many islands of the Aegean and from Crete, as well as from «hospitality centers» in northern Greece, Epirus, Thessaly, the Peloponnese and Attica will discuss the situation in the camps, in order to identify ways to organize refugee and solidarian struggles inside and outside the camps, and to put forward our demands.

– Self organized refugee teams from the camps
– Jafra Team R2R in Greece (Lagadiki camp)
– KatsikasLive (Katsikas camp)
– (Softex camp)
– Refugees to Refugees – R2R Solidarity Call Center (Thessaloniki)
– Refugees from Oreokastro camp
– Refugees from Elliniko, Malakasa, Schisto and Scaramangas camp
– Solidarity Leros
– Solidarity Chios
– Thessaloniki Antiracist Initiative
– Preveza Antiracist Initiative
– Trikala Antiracist Initiative
– Samos Movement for Human Rights
– Movement to uphold the rights of Refugees and Migrants – Patras
– PIKPA Mytilene
– Practical solidarity initiative for refugees – Rethymno
Sunday 13 November: 11.00: General Assembly

Presenting the main points from the discussions, plus conclusions reached during the preceding days, with the aim of building a framework for demands and struggles.

Programme of children’s activities to celebrate six months at City Plaza.

Thursday 10 November 18.30 screening of a children’s movie
Friday 11 November, 15.00 at Alkyonis, screening «O menino e o mundo». Brazilian film with no dialogue, directed by Ale Abreu. Looking for his father, a small boy goes on a journey to discover the reality that surrounds him.
Friday 11 November 18.30: painting and handicrafts
Saturday 12 November the Abariza entertainment group will be at reception between 17.00 and 20.00, for creative activities with the children (doll making, singing and theatrical play).

Saturday 12 November 2016, 19.00: Multiethnic party

Sunday 13 November, after the assembly, at 16.00, at the City Plaza living room, a children’s party with food from collective kitchen El Che-f, play, and music.
All events will take place at City Plaza. Translation in multiple languages will be available.

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