The murderous attack on Notara 26 does not hold us back!

The fire/bomb attack on refugee housing squat Notara 26 is a despicable racist crime. Beyond material damage, the fire threatened the lives of over 100 refugees inside the squatted building. It is clear that the goal of the criminals was to spread terror among refugees and solidarians. In the sick climate created, on the one hand, by the evacuation of squats in Thessaloniki and, on the other hand, by the ceaseless smear campaign against the solidarity movement, fascists feel they are free to roam.

Yet they are mistaken! The refugee solidarity movement will not be held back by firebombs, as is was not by riot police either. The murderous attack on Notara 26 does not scare us, it enrages us. We remain on the side of refugees, we insist on a culture of solidarity against the barbarism of racism.

We live together, we struggle together, we will win together.

Solidarity to the Notara 26 refugee housing squat.

Athens, 24 August 2016

Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza

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