City Plaza Open Assembly Friday 7/10 19:00

Closed borders, mass deportations, prison camps for refugees, camps open only in name, unbearable living conditions, restriction in access to education: one side of the refugee issue, that defined by the government and the EU, which can easily be called bleak. There is, however, another side: that of the refugee solidarity movement, of self organized initiatives, of housing squats, of City Plaza. The side on which hope Ramon’s alive. These two sides to the refugee issue, the bleak and the hopeful, will be discussed during the open assembly at Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza on Friday 7 October at 19.00, inside the (former) hotel (corner of 72 Acharnon and Katrivanou).

The discussion will address three key questions:

• How is resistance and solidarity organized inside and outside the camps?

• How do we strengthen City Plaza and reach out to those wishing to take part?

• What form will the celebrations for the first six months at City Plaza take?


Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza

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