Actions resulting from the second open assembly at ‪#‎CityPlaza‬ – the next open assembly will take place on Sunday 5 June at 19.00

The second open assembly at Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza took place once more with large scale participation. We discussed the organization of the solidarity movement, the sharpening of our political demands against anti refugee policies. But we do not wish simply to discuss, but to organise and to struggle, looking to the sky, without having our head in the clouds.

With the participation of social initiatives, teams of solidarity to refugees, political collectivities and individual solidarians, we made shared decisions on how to move forward with specific initiatives for struggle.

The discussion concerned participation in and organization of processes for putting forward our demands for refugees; the central axes were opposition to detention centers, the demand for dignified housing inside our cities, universal access to rights, integration of refugee children in schools and the creation of a transcultural framework, access to health care, the networking of housing projects. Among these, we scheduled specific interventions for the political extroversion of the initiative, its function as a center of struggle, and the optimal organization of the City Plaza community.

The next open assembly will take place on Sunday 5th June at 19.00. The topic to be discussed is the organization of the solidarity movement and the coordination of teams/initiatives/ventures active in the issue of the refugees, against the attempted criminalisation of solidarity by the state and the government.

We are calling on a protest on Thursday 9th June, during the Athens City Council meeting on refugees. On the basis of our plan for equality and for the broadening of political and social rights, for freedom of movement and for political integration, we demand the requisition of empty buildings for the dignified housing of refugees, access to rights and the equitable registration of children in schools and kindergartens.

We organise coordination with other refugee housing squats, for the organization of a large protest together with refugees and solidarians.

On Sunday 19th June at 19.00, we are organizing a festival with popular music on Victoria square, in order to get to know our neighbours better, to present our venture, express our political vision and our cultural counterexample, and of course to have fun, refugees and locals together.

We support the solidarity concert organised by the self-organised pharmacy in Ilion on Friday 10th June.

The education team will meet on 1st June at 18.00. It is important that a demand is formed for integrating children in schools, that the forms and fields of demands are processed, that the solidarity movement coordinate with workers in education and with unions, and that specific and dynamic interventions be designed. At the same time, it is essential that schooling and creative activities be organised within City Plaza, and that the number of people participating in these activities be increased.

The health care team will meet on Thursday 2nd June at 19.30. The self organised health care center at City Plaza continues to operate daily; for this reason, there is a constant need for medicines and for populating the center with professionals. At the same time, it is essential that together with solidarity clinics, self organised pharmacies, etc, we demand the full access of refugees to health care services.

  • The security team met on 31st May at 19.00.
  • A team was formed for the daily operation of the cafe-bar at City Plaza.

The City Plaza Assembly

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