1 A «solidarity initiative to economic and political migrants» has been created, in order to organize actions on two levels :

a organization of the practical solidarity through our physical presence on Victoria square and in all places refugees stay ,

b exercising pressure on political authorities to get immediate solutions to the problems and issues faced by economic and political refugees, and to protect them from any possible xenophobic barbary – that could come either from racist considerations either from the state’s ? practices.

2 To organize in a solidary way the situation in Victoria – as a first step – we should :

a create a direct contact with refugees to list their needs, their problems and to inform them on their rights

b organize and coordinate in a better way the practical solidarity

c relate the refugees’ issues with those faced by the inhabitants of the area in order to create an area of solidarity and coexistence

3 From Sunday on, two daily shifts will be set on Victoria square, from 11 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 12pm, with a permanent stand on the square. We ask the volunteers to work with us and take part to these shifts. We also ask the migrants and the refugees who can help as translators to also participate. Finally, we ask the solidary persons who bring items for the refugees to bring the, as much as possible, during the shifts’hours, and to bring them to our stand on order to organize the distribution in a more efficient way.

4 Once listed the needs of the refugees, a prescise list of the needed products will be established on a daily basis and the stuff will be gathered either directly in Victoria, either in tsamadou 15.

The next meeting for the practical organization and the preparation of the storage place will be held on Monaday at 7:30 in tsamadou 15.

The next open assembly of the initiative will be held on Friday 11 at 7 in Tsamadou 15.

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