Athens, 25/11/2016

Moria: a crime committed by the state

The mere description of last night’s tragedy in Moria sufficiently summarizes the degree of wretchedness as regards the issue of refugees. A small child and its grandmother were burned alive following the explosion of a gas canister, which they used for cooking inside their tent. Two people who managed to escape he blaze of war in Iraq found a tragic death in the blazes of «hospitality» in Greece. In the middle of winter, refugees in Moria are living inside tents only fit for summer, cramped one on top of the other, lacking basic provisions, without any hope for the future.

The deaths in Moria are not an accident. They are a crime committed by the state! Those responsible are the European Union, the Greek government, and the governments of other member states. It is them who close the borders and imprison refugees under terrible conditions. It is he, who manage the issue of refugees with «deterrence of more refugee flows» as their only criterion. It is them who push our societies further and further into barbarism.

Standing on the side of refugees is, at this moment, an essential condition for us to remain human.

Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza.


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