Announcement about the Moria Camp incident

The continued entrapment of over 3000 people at the Moria hotspot on Lesvos was the main cause for the uprising of unaccompanied minors. The Political and Economic Refugee Solidarity Initiative expresses its solidarity to all refugees in hotspots, and unequivocally condemn state violence and the detention of thousands of people, especially unaccompanied children. We consider entirely unacceptable the publication of reports claiming that the uprising had no cause other than the visit by Minister for Migration Yiannis Mouzalas. It is the inhuman conditions within the detention center which lead to uprisings, and these are set to continue as the anti- refugee government policy continues. We condemn just as strongly the ministerial statement that «violence was used, because it had to be used. Whether there was a little more or a little less remains to be seen». For us, refugees already are the victims of a violent and inhuman policy, both inside and outside of Greek borders.

We continue to demand from the Greek government to

  • Stop the deal of shame between the EU and Turkey. Open the borders and provide safe passage for refugees.
  • Fully legalize all refugees. No deportations to Turkey or elsewhere.
  • Provide decent housing and living conditions for all refugees within cities. Repurpose hotels and empty homes for permanent housing of refugees.
  •  Close all detention centers, and «accommodation centers» with terrible living conditions.
  • Provide free access to health care services and to education for refugees. To immediately put in place integration programmed for the children of refugees in schools.
  • Stop fighting the solidarity movement.


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